Balkanika TV

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Balkanika TV Online

Balkanika TV is an unique music channel gathering the best music releases from the countries on the Balkan peninsula  – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey.  Balkanika Music Television broadcasts the best hit releases, live concerts, festivals, makings, reports, movies and interviews with music stars from all Balkan countries. The channel offers diversity in styles and music genres trying to reach and entertain large target audience. The program scheme offers pop, rock, ethno and retro music.  The channel acts as a virtual bridge between fans of the Balkan rhythmes from different ethnic, religious and cultural background. Balkanika TV started broadcasting August 2005 and since then entertains its audience with the best pieces of music from around the Balkans.   Balkanika Music Television is the main organizer of the biggest music event on the Balkans – The Balkan Music Awards.

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